Bright Future for the Tutoring Industry

If you are a tutor or if you are thinking of becoming one, we have great news for you!

  • According to the Global Private Tutoring Market 2018 Industry Research Report, private tutoring is one of the fastest growing industries around the world today. The report looked at current and historical performances of the private tutoring industry, including forecasts and trends for 2025.
  • The art and vocational education industry in Australia is a 6 Billion industry with growth of 5.5% during the past five years. This IBISWorld report on the industry, which covers art education, theatre, dance, language, music, and driving, highlights the promising future for education professionals, tutors, and coaches.
  • GradAustralia reported that the education and training industry in Australia post Very Strong career outlook for both private tutors and university tutors, averaging 65K AUD and 104K AUD annual income.

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