Simple Ways to Earn Extra Income

Reader’s Digest published 15 ways to boost personal income to support emergency expenses and future retirement.

One of the strong recommendations was to Make Money from Hobbies.  Guy Birken, author of the book End Financial Stress Now says that “Earning money on the side doesn’t have to feel like work” Another advice was to Teach Languages, especially that a background in education isn’t exactly required when teaching languages, though it can be helpful.

If you have skills and expertise which you can share with hopeful students, and earn extra income on the side, you can create multiple listings for free in allroundr and be found by students in your local area. Search results are location-based so you can arrange tutorial sessions nearby and during hours that are convenient for you. Simple Ways to Earn Extra Income

Six Ways to Simplify Your Foreign Language Learning

Allison Lounes gave incredibly useful tips in Lifehack on how to master a foreign language. Aside from the chance to speak with locals when traveling, she says that being fluent in another language has psychological and health rewards, highlighting that studies have shown that being able to speak a second language may help you multitask and prevent dementia.

Studies have shown that being able to speak a second language may help you multitask and prevent dementia.

One advice was to speak the language as much as possible, especially with native speakers. Travelers and migrants can definitely share their expertise in languages, and allroundr is one platform to find such experts.

Check the complete list of ways to simplify your foreign language learning here.

value of mastering english

“Universities, study agents, and overseas students also need to be made aware of how important it is to have solid English skills for university study and to become competitive in the workforce.”

The Conversation, 2017


Whether for university or employment, a good grasp of the English language is very valuable in Australia. Search for experts and instructors of the language with allroundr so you can reach the level of English you’ve always aimed for. value of mastering english